Ambient air environmental impact prediction

Ambient air environmental impact prediction

Ambient air environmental impact prediction and air protection measures (i) the construction period of the project construction period chuanalysis using concrete concrete pan mixer manufacturers, cement required for the construction , asphalt concrete legally purchased from local manufacturers ,concrete mixer manufacturers is not set asphalt concrete mixing station . Therefore , the construction period to avoid cement, asphalt concrete mixing station air pollution problems. The construction dust is mainly construction vehicles dust and construction bare space dust, construction dust on the outside along the road construction site boundary 50 to within 200m of ambient air sensitive points and vegetation will produce pollution , but as long as limiting vehicle speed and maintain the construction ground clean , and the construction of the ground taken by watering ready mix concrete plant for sale SICOMA Twin Shafts Forced Concrete Mixer, spraying dust suppression measures , the construction dust pollution can be controlled within the range of 50m range and extent of the impact is not great. Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant fumes of the construction machinery and equipment construction and engineering vehicle emissions produced little effect on the surrounding local environment .

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