Asphalt mixing plant has been built for many years

Asphalt mixing plant has been built for many years

” I started mixing station mobile batch plant, we are afraid to open the window .” Concrete mixing plant restaurants Xianshan jungle park staff said mixing station produced in the city every two or three in a row to dawn , fights we can not sleep , asphalt mixing plant has been built for many years concrete batching plant, the most recent two years, perhaps because of aging equipment, severe pollution outrageous . Surrounded by Dongfeng Motor Electric Company a teacher reported reporters , construction began mixing station whenever smoke . No matter what the wind scraping sides of the city affected residents , of dust floating in the atmosphere , the smell is very tough, occasionally bumped fog Chen climate diesel concrete mixer, drying clothes in the yard have been dyed a dark gray road , they also react many times , but have not taken effect, I hope you can probably get the relevant part of the attention . Surrounding residents implied , mixing stations exist , let them much distress. With polluting enterprises why living in the surrounding area produced it? Reporter investigation into a concrete batching plant to prime for urban ladder ” black brush ” of doing things . Since the establishment of an earlier time , when the asphalt mixing station stationed in the region is still relatively depressed . In recent years, along with the growth of the city , surrounded by residents have sprung up , the presence of asphalt mixing plant life circumstances affect the surrounding residents , and then became popular masses of complaints .

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