Detailed description of stainless steel casting

At present, China has become one of the biggest countris to produce the stainless steel castings, and stainless steel casting industry also plays an important part in the development of heavy industry. It is reported that China is the world’s stainless steel casting processing and exporting power forward, while China also has a vast market and consumption potential.

Stainless steel casting is a manufacturing process used for making parts required by many industries for a variety of applications. The procedure uses melted stainless steel and molds to create the desired stainless steel component. The advantages of stainless steel casting are the smooth appearance, high pressure resistance. Stainless steel casting is widely used in construction hardware, daily hardware.

The mechanical properties of stainless steel casting are higher than cast iron, but its casting properties are poorer than cast iron. Stainless steel casting belongs precision investment casting or precision casting. Stainless steel has a high melting point, poor molility, shrinkage and is easily oxidized.


Stainless steel casting is used to produce components of various shapes and sizes with special properties such as corrosion resistance and strength retention at high temperatures. Commonly manufactured products include construction materials, and parts used in the automotive, aerospace, energy, marine and food service industries.


Stainless steel casting begins with mold design and fabrication. Molten stainless steel is poured into the mold’s cavity where it cools and solidifies. The cooled casting is removed from the mold and trimmed, cleaned and heat-treated to restore desirable qualities such as corrosion and wear resistance or increased strength.


Casting stainless steel offers many advantages over other shape-forming methods such as forging, which compresses solid metal into a desired shape. Melted metal conforms to any shape and allows fabrication of geometrically complex components. Castings are typically more weldable, making the production of extremely large parts more practical. They are almost always lighter than forged components.

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