Development of investment casting method in modern times

Investment casting, also known as ‘lost wax casting’, is an ancient casting method. Investment casting was earliest discovered in 2400 years ago in China. Since 1950s,investment casting method was used in the industrial production. With the development of technology, investment casting, as the basis of China’s machinery manufacturing process, has developed into a unique industry.

Investment castings, is regarded as a precision casting process to fabricate near-net-shaped metal parts from almost any alloy and is typically used for the production of components requiring complex, often thin-wall castings. There is a long and rich history associated with investment castings, dating back thousands of years to the production of bonze, copper and gold jewelry, idols and statues as far back as the ancient Eqypt and Mesopotamia, the Han Dynasty in China, the Aztecs in Mexico, and the Benin civilization in Africa.

The earliest known text that described the investment castings process was written by a monk, Theophilius Presbyter around 1100 A.D. His writings were used by sculptor and goldsmith Benvenuto Cellini (1500 – 1571) as descibed in his autobiogaphy, for the production of the Perseus and Head of Medusa sculpture that still stands today in Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence Italy. In fact, by the mid 1500’s the investment castings technique was considered ‘ordinary procedure’ for making bronze statues and other works of art.

Use of investment castings accelerated significantly during the 1940’s as a result of military demands on the machine tool industry. Investment castings proved to be an efficient, reliable and cost effective method for meeting military demand for near net shape precision parts and use of specialized alloys that could not be shaped by traditional methods, or required too much machining. Following the war, the technique expanded into many commercial and industrial applications that used complex metal parts and it was during this time that Bimac emerged and ultimately evolved into one of the leading investment castings providers in the Mid-West.

precision investment casting:

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