Does High Frequency Vibrating Screen Have Defect?

Does High Frequency Vibrating Screen Have Defect?

Most of us may know that the high frequency vibrating screen has its unique advantages , compared with the other vibrating screen. And every thing has two aspects, so is the high frequency screen. Then, does the high frequency vibrating screen have drawback?

At first, we see the advantages of the high frequency vibrating screen. The high frequency vibrating screens achieves a high efficiency of separation and differs from its counterparts since it breaks down the surface tension between particles. Also the high level of high frequency vibrating screen contributes to increasing the stratification of material so they separate at a much higher rate. Separation cannot take place without stratification. In addition, it is also generally used for finger separations; between 12mm to 45μm particle size. The rotary sifter will usually be chosen based on the nature of the substance being separated; whey, yeast bread mix, cheese powder, fertilizers. This machine has a strong processing capacity, high screening efficiency and has a reasonable technical parameters, structural strength, high stiffness, reliable operation, low noise, easy maintenance, etc.

Transmission part increased the middle transition bearing seat, the middle transition bearing seat effective protection of the application of the motor, prolong the service life of the motor.Motor installed in the top left of the screen, also can be installed on the right side of the screen.This series of machine for a type of installation.Screen surface inclination adjustment can be implemented by changing the position of spring support height.

However, if the flow rate lowers, the effect is also decreased. Limitations of the high frequency vibrating screen are that the fine screens are very fragile and are susceptible to becoming blocked very easily. Over time the separation efficiency will drop and the screen will need to be replaced. maybe my summary is not comprehensive. And we also have other mining machines, such as jaw crusher, ball mill sand maker and so on. If you have other supplement, you can comment about my article. We learn from each other, and make progress together. Thank you very much for reading my article. I hope you like it. If you have any other question, you can get int our website.

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