due south on taking highland

due south on taking highland

is vigilant and discovered to have Red Army ambush and starts robbing to have wayside highland right away, and send a person to fly a report circumstance backward.This ambuscaded a war to in a twinkling become to take it by storm a war.

Enemy”make track for a Jiao brigade” the commanding officer Yu immediately descended to reach a battle order while helping:”Add a trip(Wang Lyu) to attach Zhe to protect Chen Ying, should with one regiment above troops, capture black mire to close into Tan Jia Qiao car road the east carry one highland of taking, in order to prevent the enemy inherits my side to carry on the back, and the side back of camera copy bandit.Is another with two camp the above troops capture the southwest of Tan Jia Qiao, due south on taking highland, to the Christian Louboutin Platform Pumps frontal attack of bandit, and guard Cheap Louboutins my left side.In order to prepare a brigade, the rest should control Be placed to 515 southwest of the highlands to carry to remain on standby.”After connecting to make, Wang Yao Wu right away orderanies a vanguard 2 regiments attaching Zhe and protecting a camp Be launched to the southwest of Tan Jia Qiao to carry a to take highland to firmly stand by to remain on standby and make 3 regiments quickly rob to have 515 highlands and it once the northwest Gen southeast take each important point and make one regiment support everyone to prepare a brigade.Oneself leads a trip department in person spy to connect to the advanced regiment to direct campaign.

Fight a beginning since, Red Army attack violent, make enemy 2 regiment Christian Louboutin Evening 2013 the advanced camp sink into disorder in, the enemy’s chief, regiment pair all wounds.But enemy 3 regiments a camp compete first attacked and occupied 515 highlands, directly support 2 regiment battle, another with engineer corp connect, spy connect attack and occupy 515 highland northwest small highland.The enemy concentrated the big parts of troops of 2 regiments anti- rush toward Tan Jia Qiao, to the utmost have black mire of pass and Tan Jia Qiao to the east on taking highland, from here active power easy in battlefield.Looking back red 20 teacherses to fight experience and thought of fierce battle to prepare isn’t enough, be not good at field battle, although the offensive is very fierce, even the knives engages in fisticuffs and finally defeats.

When hot 20 teacherses fought a dozen to ring, red 19 teacherses namely pressed the battle plan to start out to the south, red 20 teacherses have been already defeated while having not passed high mountain district in the front.The army corps chief immediately changes battle plan, it aid red 19 and mount sudden attack an enemy vanguard together, but didn’t adjust move troops.Even”square the ambition Be quick to write a letter to adjust, and then didn’t adjust.”Red 19 teacherses still pressed www.homebasednetworks.com/christian-louboutin-sandals-c-29.html to plan a far at first Gang in the stone door and black mire pass direction, “alone from beat a square”.At this time enemy 3 regiments have already sent a camp capture making of Gang in the stone door Gao Dian and overlook northern side low ground, will add on the march red 19 teacherses to cut off in Gang in the stone door to the east, with north precipice under.Red 19 teacher troopseses display not to open, is inhibitted in the narrow gully by enemy’s thermodynamic power, the circumstance is thousand times urgent.The teacher’s can be forced to return and change to start aggression from Gang northwest in the stone door.Look for Huai continent to take a brigade to assault in person, although is several through again and again and finally took back to make Gao Dian, however the troops have already lost attack drive, looking for a right abdomen department of Huai continent to hit by
also has nasally the jail establish for doing evil things

company Gu circulates.Expensive duke

more is an essential character that direct troops’ win war.

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