How to Make Brick With Red Soil

How to Make Brick With Red Soil

1 .Test the red soil to determine if it is suitable for creating bricks. Pour water onto a handful of soil and mix until it is slightly sticky. Shape the moist soil to form a ball and leave it in the sun for two to four days. Inspect the ball to ensure it is intact planetary concrete mixer, has retained its shape and is free from cracks; if so, it is suitable for bricks.

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2.Mix clay with the red soil if the ball of sand cracks or crumbles due to the sun; the ideal ratio is 60-percent clay to 40-percent soil. For instance, a mix comprised of 6 lbs. of clay and 4 lbs. of soil is sufficient for 10 bricks. Use a trough if you are making a few bricks or a wheelbarrow if making many bricks.

3.Pour water into the soil and clay mixture in the trough or wheelbarrow. Mix the components slowly with a trowel. The mixture should be soft enough to fill the mold diesel concrete mixer machine, but firm enough to hold its shape. Add more soil to the mixture if you make it too soft diesel mixer for sale, or pour in some water to soften the consistency.

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