Public construction projects in favor

Public construction projects in favor

Public participation in this questionnaire were recovered 40 parts , 100% of the public agree or agree with the basic construction of the project , they think of the construction of the project to improve the road network in Fuding , promote local economic prosperity and social development , Asphalt Mixing Plant the standard of living is beneficial. Public construction projects in favor , while there will be construction on the project when construction dust , construction noise and inconvenience of travel and other issues showed concern. The social impact of the construction of public concern caused mainly focused on land acquisition and compensation measures for the implementation of the relevant departments to do the promotion and implementation of Resettlement compensation measures to strengthen communication with the masses Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant, and coordinate the resolution of a good project relationship building and social, economic and surrounding environment, to ensure the smooth progress of the project . Environmental acceptance of the project is completed , it shall proceed in accordance with the environmental protection measures proposed in this report the completion and acceptance of environmental protection , and fly ash brick machine out simultaneously with the main project , environmental protection measures are shown in Table 1-1 and Table 1-2. And completion of major environmental initiatives in Table 1-1 Norman Road, three iron construction period acceptance column of the table.

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