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QbitsMedia -old 224x161Welcome to QbitsMedia.com
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1. Submit a link in QbitsMedia:

After  REGISTER and ‘Sign In’ with User-ID and email Password

PRESS ‘Submit A Link’ in Header to Post an Site article from around the Web

Paste a copied http-weblink in topfield and Press the blue ‘Submit  button’

Now you can go ahead and finish the Post by:

>> Changing the POST Title (SEO requires 40 till 70 characters) please try to handle this requirement.

>> Change or Extend META –Description (SEO requires 145 to 160 characters)

>> Assign some relevant Tags to the post.

>> Assign the relevant  and correct Category (must Exist)


All direct Posts like a ‘Featured Image’…just down on RIGHT Sidebar.

>>Please Upload your OWN Picture-IMAGE  to bring Y O U R  unique  C O L  O R inside

Also please RE-name your Pics with Description & Measures Tags for faster Browser loading

e.g. like above [QbitsMedia]  Pic (par example)

Width: 224px  Height: 161px                       PictureName: QbitsMedia.com -old  224×161.jpg


When Ready…….PRESS  Submit  to Post your Web linked article on QbitsMedia.com


2. Write your own Post

Press  ‘Posts’ and select ‘Add New’ on the DashBoard Upper Left and start …..


When writing:

Watch your integrated ‘http: links !!

…. daily 20 – 30 DEAD Links for ‘ admin’ to UNLINK or EDIT or TRASH

For BETTER Search Engine Results enter data in the Greg’s High Performance SEO parts:

  • You can specify how the SECUNDARY Title will be used on the plugin settings pages&
  • This comma-separated KEYWORDS-list will be included in the HEAD along with any specified tags.
  • If specified, this description overrides the excerpt for use in the HEAD.

Leave Link URL under Bookmark details ….EMPTY….

All direct Posts like a ‘Featured Image’…just down on RIGHT Sidebar.

Please set your image around 310×168 size and give the Pic a Name & Size ref.

 You must certainly notice our Privacy Policy on Footer left.

Thank you for reading and understanding. It all HELPS  …… every single item you fullfill!


QbitsMedia Support

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