Reasons to choose investment castings for you

Investment casting first appeared in the Spring and Autumn Period and ancient bronze casting was usually used with this methd. Chinese traditional casting technology plays an important role in the development of metallurgy in the world. Modern industrial investment casting evolves from the traditioanl lost wax method. Here are some benefits to choose investment castings for you.

Design Flexibility

There are many benefits of investment castings. The investment casting process or lost wax process produces near-net-shape configurations. This offers engineers design flexibility in many types of alloys. This process is capable of producing precise detail and dimensional accuracy in parts weighing many pounds to just a few ounces. Precision investment castings are able to reduce costs in many cases due to reduced machining and less materiel waste.

Wide Choice of Alloys

Our investment casting foundry in China is able to utilize a wide variety of alloys for aluminum investment castings, stainless steel investment castings, steel investment castings, cobalt alloy investment casting, nickel alloy investment casting, and iron based investment casting. We can produce a wide choice of standard and complex alloys. The benefit of using a wide choice of alloys is the ability to have a wide variety of material characteristics to suit almost any application.

Reduction of Production Costs

Investment casting can reduce costly machining operations and sometimes even eliminate them. No large capital equipment investment is needed to produce parts in-house other than tooling for the wax molds. Therefore, another benefit of the investment casting process is reduction of production costs in many applications.

Reduction of Assembly Operations

Several parts can be made as one casting eliminating the need for fabrication such as welding or mechanical fasteners, reducing assembly, handling and inspection costs. Reduction of assembly operations can greatly reduce prices in areas with high assembly costs.

Reproduce Fine Details / Precision Investment Casting

Lettering, precision holes, splines, serrations, bosses and even some threads can be investment cast with the lost wax casting method at our precision investment casting China foundry. Being able to produce precision investment castings and fine details is one of the primary benefits of the investment casting process.

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