Three Methods to Exactly Handle Jaw Crusher

Three Methods to Exactly Handle Jaw Crusher

For jaw crushers, it is not difficult to prolong its service life if you can use them in correct operation way. The key is you should know how to operate correctly. You need to be guided by professional knowledge. Therefore, for jaw crushers, if operators are able to notice the following aspects, machines will be made good use of, and their service life will indeed be prolonged.

As a matter of fact, the easily broken positions of jaw crushers are movable jaw and stationary jaw plates. You should check their damages timely and change them. However, as long as we attach importance to their maintenance in daily life, we can reduce replacement frequency.

Firstly, we should try to align the two jaw plates in operation so that materials will be easily broken, and abrasion of jaw plates will be reduced.Hongxing Machinery their business conducted field visits and research, in August 2012 to provide a mobile crushing plant series devices.

Secondly, when jaw plates are installed, we must fix them solidly to crushing plate. Loose signs are not allowed to happen. The metal piece between crushing plate and jaw plate should be fastened by bolts, preventing against friction.

Finally, as for material choice of jaw plate, it is best to choose manganese steels with large hardness and 12% of manganese. Such materials have great abrasive resistance and high hardness, which is beneficial to prolong the service life of jaw plate. After all, the jaw plate goes through repeated crushing to materials. If the materials have no larger hardness, they will get easily crushed when machines are working.

Of course, if you want to prolong the service life of jaw crushers, you must observe correct use rules. Meanwhile, you should operate carefully. A machine won’t be damaged even if it has been used for a long time.

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