Wedding Food – How To Make Your Special Wedding Celebration A Knockout

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Weddings are a special day and you naturally want everything to be perfect. You may have spent lots of time choosing the date, selecting the venue, sending out invitations and even deciding on the song for your first dance in order to make your wedding celebration as memorable as possible. One important area that needs similar consideration is the catering on offer for you and your guests. A top quality array of food and drink throughout the day will really help your guests enjoy themselves.

Canapes and hors d’oeuvres are an important first part of the culinary experience. After the ceremony, your guests will be in a celebratory mood, and a range of high quality bites and canapes go perfectly with that celebratory glass of champagne. Your guests will be unlikely to have eaten since the morning and such offerings will be appreciated as well as adding a special touch to your special day. Canapes can be served hot or cold, and commonly are served by waiters circulating with trays amongst your guests.

The wedding breakfast will be a central and memorable part of the wedding celebration. Traditionally, your guests may be served at their tables. Such a meal would typically present an array of hot dishes to your guests. It is typical to offer a small menu with a few alternatives to ensure all palates, tastes and dietary requirements are met. Remember to ensure a children’s option is available for your younger guests. A smaller number of dishes will help to reduce cost, but a wider choice may help to satisfy your guests’ preferences. Alternatively, a buffet approach may be a preferable way to ensure your guests have a wide selection of food guaranteed to meet their tastes.

With the breakfast completed, the speeches done and the cake cut, your evening festivities will commence. This is an opportunity for you to continue your wedding celebration into the night with your guests, including those who have joined for the evening’s festivities. Providing an evening banquet is another important part of the day. This would commonly be in the form of a buffet, with hot or cold delicacies available, for your guests’. This might be a traditional style buffet, or in recent years it has become fashionable to take this as an opportunity to serve adapted versions of traditional classics – many wedding guests have been particularly impressed by bacon sandwiches or fish and chips accompanying your evening celebrations!

Of course, the choice of food and the mode is important, but this is one part of many items you will be organising on your special day. To help make this more manageable, it is certainly useful to involve a catering company to help arrange your wedding celebration. They can help you select your menu, the service and all other aspects of the catering. Importantly, they can also oversee the supply of all crockery and cutlery and the tidy up process at the end. This leaves you free to enjoy your special day which is sure to be memorable.

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