What are the Using Requirement for Spiral Classifier?

What are the Using Requirement for Spiral Classifier?

In recent years, we should cater for the development in economy and society, especially in construction and environmental industry. Spiral classifier when it was used for water tank we need to do a very good position, only in this way we use spiral classifier can achieve the result that we want, so that our users to achieve our goal, spiral classifier of cistern is very exquisite, we must pay more attention when we use this requirement, so that to achieve our goal. Classifiers contain the screw classifier, spiral chute classifier and rotary separator.

Spiral classifier specifications depend on the size, it generally takes 4 N/12h, convenient and fast, compared with the first method, save more than half the time, the disadvantage is short-lived life after repairing, usually 9-15 months, the using manufacturers according to their production task completion and grading machine spindle fracture extent decide which methods to repair or completely replaced.

Factors affecting the service life of rolling bearings are more, difficult to grasp the life cycle, usually in monthly plan overhaul open inspection, into the plasma damage to the bearing is replaced, and high maintenance costs. Some manufacturers will use rolling bearings into a rubber or polyurethane bearing support, coupled with the short axis of the lower bearing steel liner, bearing service life of up to 3 to 6 months, steel bushing life of up to 8 N12 months, life cycles, easier to control, to master the law of its life cycle, you can effectively control its planned maintenance, periodic replacement of bearings and steel bushing, the workers responsible for the operation and maintenance requirements are lower, and lower maintenance costs . There is also a more simple method of repair and renovation of the rolling bearing assembly disassembly, with hollow shaft flange, short axis intact, bearing inner roller bearings, glands, packing, before and after removal of the gland, only retention support casing, use of the old roll with a width of the conveyor belt with the same axial width of the housing, the housing outer diameter slightly smaller than the inner diameter, outer diameter slightly larger than the minor axis of the rubber belt supporting roll, into the housing, set into the short axis.

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