Why Choose High Frequency Vibrating Screen?

Why Choose High Frequency Vibrating Screen?

Along with the development of the economy, the mining machinery industry does also make big progress. So there are many kinds of the mining machines. Take the vibrating screen for example, Many experts consider that we should choose the high frequency vibrating screen. Do you know why?

Vibration transmission system adopts high quality elastic flexible link, long-term reliable operation;Screen machine for energy-saving products.Single vibrator power 0.15 kW, mineral processing commonly used 2420 type high frequency electromagnetic screen, power is not more than 1.2 kW of power consumption. In addition, the screen box side plate is made of steel plate overall bending forming, both improve the whole rigidity and working reliability, sieve machine equipment appearance more beautiful. Screen machine adopts a new principle of design, which is a kind of new structure of efficient sieving mechanical vibrating screen points. The vibrator by actuator driven screen surface for high frequency vibration, static screen box. Vibration system is designed to work in the near resonance state, the whole machine after damping bearing, basic don’t make the ground under dynamic load, sieve machine don’t need to make the foundation, directly installed on a solid flat on the ground or ordinary steel structure platform can work normally.

What’s more, the screen surface consists of three layers of different flexible mesh.The underlying steel cable put network supporting network, laying wire diameter and mesh are not the same double stainless steel wire braided composite net. Composite layer for work online network, direct contact with the material for screening work, composite off-line layer at the bottom net, which is used for dispersion force and vibration, to ensure that the work net of high screening efficiency and prolong the service life. Have hooks on both ends of the screen mesh, facilitate screen handling and adjust the degree of tension.Into the buffer material sieve plate to make pulp dispersion uniform, avoid shock damage to screen directly.

Above all, screen surface vibration frequency of the high frequency vibrating screen is 50 hz, the amplitude is 0 ~ 2 mm, vibration intensity for 8 ~ 10 times the acceleration of gravity, which is the general mechanical vibrating screen vibration intensity of 2 ~ 3 times. Screen surface is not easy to plug holes, high screening efficiency, processing capacity. Especially suitable for the screening of fine powder material.

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